More than 1,700 Navalny supporters arrested

Police arrested more than 1,700 people yesterday held protests Russia in support of government critics Alexei Navalny, who is in prison.

Supporters are worried about Navalny, who is on a hunger strike, and say his health is deteriorating.

His spokesman was sentenced to 10 days in prison, and another close associate of Navalny was detained on the same day that Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the West not to interfere in Russia’s “red lines” without mentioning Navalny.

OVD-Info, a group that monitors protests and detentions, said 1,782 people had been arrested, including 804 in St. Petersburg and 119 in Ufa.

Protesters in central Moscow chanted “Freedom for Navalny” and “Let the doctors in.”

Navalny’s wife, Julia, joined the protest, where protesters chanted her name.

Navalny had previously decided to go on a hunger strike to get proper medical care.

Officials said Navalny had received medical treatment like any other prisoner and warned the protests were illegal.

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