Belgrade could host the Biden-Putin summit

The question of whether Belgrade, as a neutral ground, could host a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden, has been raised by Russian media.

“If you are looking for a neutral country for these negotiations, Serbia seems to be the most desirable option,” they said.

Although Belgrade did not run for the role, as the media notes, they do not doubt that it would do so if there were hints that such a thing was possible and that the Serbian authorities would be happy to organize such an event.

Asked about Belgrade’s prospects, former Foreign Minister Vladislav Jovanovic told Sputnik that he had come up with the idea that Belgrade could be the host when he heard that a meeting between the two statesmen was to take place.

He says he favors cities like Vienna, Geneva, and Helsinki because they are well established as neutral meeting places for statesmen, but also adds that Serbia is the latest example of a country that has entered the top of world interest in its positive achievements.

“In any case, we have that advantage and it can be decisive, because Finland, however neutral, is politically aligned with the West, whose goals it fully supports,” Jovanovic said.

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