Google has falsely informed users about the collection of their data, an Australian court has ruled!!

An Australian federal court has ruled that Google has misled users with information about the use of personal data collected through Android mobile devices, the market competition regulator announced today.

The court concluded that Google had wrongly claimed that it could only collect information from the history of the sites between January 2017 and December 2018, the ACCC regulator said.
The collection, storage and use of data was also enabled through the option to control the activities of the Internet and in applications, when it is turned on, and the devices were turned on automatically, according to the ACCC.

Users have not been notified that turning off site history while the Web & App Activity feature is enabled will allow Google to continue collecting data, the court found.

The regulator indicated that it would seek a penalty for Google, but did not specify the amount.

A Google spokeswoman said she was considering legal remedies for the verdict, including an appeal.

The tech giant has been waging a legal battle in Australia in recent months over a government law requiring Google and Facebook to pay media companies for content posted on their platforms.

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