The House is broken but Republicans can fix that

The House of Representatives is supposed to be for the people by design. It has shorter election cycles and smaller constituencies because its members are meant to be closer to the interests of Americans. For Speaker Nancy Pelosi, however, the people have been shut out both literally and symbolically. The things Congress does matter, but so does how it does them. When it comes to making laws for a country with hundreds of millions of people, how our elected officials do things matters a great deal, and it is time for Congress to get serious and do them the right way.

On the literal front, Congress is still surrounded by fences, patrolled by National Guard members, and closed off to constituents. Inside, Pelosi is forcing members of Congress to walk through metal detectors on their way to the House floor to vote. This is political theater driven by false narratives pushed by the media and treated as gospel by some opportunistic politicians. The result is that a cherished symbol of government is now off limits to the people that its members represent.

While it is far less noticeable than the fences on Capitol Hill, the symbolic disregard for Americans is more pervasive and has more effects. Despite holding her majority by only five votes, Pelosi rules the House with an iron fist, snuffing out deliberation and debate at every turn to force her liberal agenda through. From the federal election takeover bill to another $2 trillion in supposed coronavirus relief, she is jamming bill after radical bill through a dictatorial legislative process that runs roughshod over the rights of the minority party and the rights of their constituents to be represented in Congress.

House Democrats have sidelined Republicans in the legislative process. Bills comprising their radical agenda continue to arrive on the floor with no committee hearings, no committee markups to debate and shape legislation, and no real amendments allowed on the floor. The only amendments allowed are preselected for show by a committee of nine Democrats and four Republicans.

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