Saudi Arabia has executed three soldiers for high treason

Saudi Arabia on Saturday executed three soldiers who were convicted of high treason and collaborating with the enemy in a way that endangers the kingdom and its military interests, the Ministry of Defense said, reports “Saudi Press Agencies”.

The three convicts, Mohammed bin Ahmed, Shaher bin Isa, and Hamoud bin Ibrahim, who worked for the Ministry of Defense, were convicted in a specialized court before being sentenced to death by royal decree.
The ministry statement is considered a rare public announcement regarding military executions.

“The fact that the names of those executed were published means that the Saudis considered their behavior to be extremely insolent and therefore worthy of exemplary punishment,” said David Des Roche, of the Washington-based Center for Strategic Studies in South Asia and the Middle East.

The ministry did not provide details on who the enemy was, although the executions took place at the southern command of the army, based near the border with Yemen, where the kingdom is waging a six-year military campaign against the Houthi movement, which seized the capital Sanaa in 2014. forms a de facto government that controls most of the country’s densely populated areas.

Last month, authorities in Sanaa held a state funeral for a Saudi soldier who crossed into the Yemeni Houthi Armed Forces and was killed during the ongoing battle for Marib, which has intensified in recent days and is Saudi Arabia’s last stronghold in the north of the country.

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