City of the Dead – Politician stars his campaign from coffin

Carlos Majorga, a Mexican candidate in the local elections, started his political campaign a few days ago from an open coffin, warning of the rate of violence in the city of Juarez, which, due to a combination of pandemic and negligence of the current authorities, has become a “city of the dead”.

Majorga arrived at the coffin at a rally on the bridge between the Mexican border town of Juarez and El Paso, Texas. He was accompanied by his colleagues dressed in protective medical equipment, carrying bouquets in his hands, to draw attention to the death toll from the coronavirus, which exceeds 200,000 in this country.
“We decided to start our political campaign from a coffin because that is how we want to send a message to politicians that people are dying because of their indifference,” Majorga said, adding: “The same politicians who were previously silent about high organized crime are still silent. “when faced with a chaotic situation due to coyote.”

The city of Juarez is located in the northern state of Chihuahua on the border with the United States, in the county where Majorga is running and is one of the parts of Mexico most affected by crime.

Thousands of candidates for MPs, governors, and mayors have already started campaigning for the June elections. The data according to which 16 candidates have died in the campaign so far speak about the seriousness of the situation that Majorga warns about.

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