The largest hotbed of the dangerous Brazilian strain P1 is in Canada.

The largest outbreak of the dangerous Brazilian strain P1, which has claimed tens of thousands of lives in Brazil, is located in the Canadian ski resort of Whistler, in British Columbia, the Guardian reported.

Provincial authorities had to close the resort in late March when they realized that among those infected with the coronavirus there was a Brazilian mutated type.

As Canadian provinces break negative records for the number of Covid-19 cases, experts are very concerned about the dangerous and rapid spread of various strains.

Of the 877 confirmed cases of P1 strain, there are nearly 200 infected in British Columbia, making it the largest outbreak of Brazilian strain outside the South American country, with more than a million active cases, and Brazilian authorities say about 90 percent of patients suffer from P1. -virus.

P1 is believed to be highly contagious and significantly more fatal to younger people and has great power to reinfect people who have had Covied-19.

Previous studies have shown that it can infect 25 to 61 percent of people who have had Covid-19, but the true number will only be determined when more is known about the Brazilian mutated type.

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