Palace Confirms Meghan Markle Has Been”Advised by Her Physician Not to Travel” for Prince Philip’s Funeral

The Palace has spoken about Prince Harry’s attendance at Prince Philip’s funeral, saying in a press briefing that he plans to attend—while Meghan Markle, who is pregnant with her second child, will stay home at the advice of her doctor.

“The Duke of Sussex is planning to attend,” a royal spokesman said at a briefing, per People.”The Duchess of Sussex has been advised by her physician not to travel. So the duke will be attending.”
This news follows reports that Prince Harry was doing everything he could to attend his grandfather’s funeral service, which will involve him quarantining upon arrival in the United Kingdom.

A source previously told the Daily Mail that”Harry will absolutely do his utmost to get back to the UK and be with his family. He will want nothing more than to be there for his family, and particularly his grandmother, during this awful time. Meghan is obviously pregnant so she will need to take advice from her doctors about whether it is safe for her to travel, but I think Harry will definitely go.”

Prince Philip’s funeral will take place Saturday, and will be limited to 30 people due to coronavirus restrictions. The guest list will be released next week, but is expected to include immediate members of Philip’s family, including the Queen, Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla, Prince Edward, Sophie Wessex, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne, Price William, and Kate Middleton. Prince Philip’s other grandchildren and their partners are also expected to attend.

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