Three to five meals a day
Smaller meals, several times a day. Do not forget about snacks. An apple or a low-calorie cake is our suggestion for a delicious snack.

Water and low-calorie drinks
Get hydrated! Drink at least 2 liters. water during the day. In the morning, drink lemonade with lukewarm water or water with fresh mint and cucumber. Water is your best friend.

Fruits or vegetables at every meal
Raw, boiled, baked or whatever you like most, eat it at every meal. Fruit smoothie for breakfast or salad combined with meat for lunch. Simple, fast to prepare, and above all healthy.

Healthy fats

Eat healthy fats. Eat nuts, avocados, eggs, fish, and cook with olive oil. Healthy fats from these foods help lower bad cholesterol, energize your body, improve brain function and keep you full after a meal.

A variety of groceries
Eat as varied foods as possible. Vegetables abound, as do meats and fish. Make a weekly menu, and include as many different types of vegetables, meat, fish, and fruits as possible. Remember, the key is in a varied diet, not in giving up certain foods.

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