For the fourth year in a row, Bezos is the richest man in the world with 177 billion dollars.

Forbes’s annual list of billionaires includes a record 2,755 (660 more than last year) and is led by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, 57, who has been officially the richest man in the world for four years.

Bezos’s fortune is estimated at 177 billion dollars, which is far ahead of the competition, reports “Daily Mail”
People who have more than a billion dollars have a total of 13.1 trillion dollars, which means that they earned five billion during the coronavirus pandemic because their wealth was worth eight billion dollars on last year’s list.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, 49, climbed from 31st to second place with a fortune estimated at $ 151 billion.

Bernard Arno (72), CEO of LVMH ($ 150 billion), Bill Gates (65), founder of Microsoft ($ 124 billion), and 36-year-old Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg ($ 97 billion) are also in the top five richest people in the world.

Among the billionaires is Kim Kardashian, who from October until today has progressed by 220 million dollars and exceeded the figure of one billion dollars.

More than half of the world’s wealth is in the hands of the top 20 billionaires on the list, amounting to $ 2.1 billion.

Most billionaires are from the United States, 724, followed by those from China, 698, which includes rich people from Hong Kong and Macao.

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