Here is what the DEATH SENTENCES eat last!!!

In most developed countries, the death penalty has long since ceased to exist, but in the United States, it still exists. The well-known custom of these punishments is the last meal.

Do you know what dishes the biggest criminals asked for before they were executed?

Ted Bundy

One of the most notorious serial killers is undoubtedly Ted Bundy. In 1989, at the age of 43, he was executed on an electric chair for rape, necrophilia, more than 35 murders and escaping from prison.

However, Bundy decided to refuse the special last meal because he wanted to get the traditional food given to prisoners before being executed in prison.

It is steak, eggs, potato pancakes, toast with butter and jam, milk and juice.

Ricky Ray

Ricky Ray was convicted of two murders and executed in 1992 by a lethal injection at the age of 42. His mental condition deteriorated in prison, and his lawyer tried to get him out of the death penalty, but failed.

He ordered steak, fried chicken, raspberry and cherry cake and walnut pie. However, he did not eat the cake and told the guard that he would “put it aside for later”.

Timothy McVeigh

Timothy McVeigh was convicted of the Oklahoma City terrorist attack. A total of 168 people were convicted of murder and executed in 2001 and he ended up with a lethal injection at the age of 33.

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