Tiger Woods was driving nearly twice the speed limit before Los Angeles car crash

Tiger Woods was speeding when he slammed his SUV in February, which cleared out the 45-year-old golf legend with genuine wounds, specialists said Wednesday. His vehicle was traveling between 84 and 87 mph in a zone exterior Los Angeles with a 45 mph speed restrain, Los Angeles Province Sheriff Alex Villanueva said in a news conference. “The essential causal figure for this activity collision was driving at a speed risky for the street conditions and the failure to arrange the bend of the roadway,” Villanueva said.

On February 23, Woods struck a middle around 7 a.m. neighborhood time in Rolling Slopes Bequests. His vehicle went off of the street, hit a tree and rolled over in a range known for mishaps. Woods went through weeks within the clinic after experiencing surgery and is presently recouping at domestic.

Citing the vehicle’s information recorder, police found that Woods “incidentally” hit the quickening agent and not the break after he struck the middle, which caused tall speeds all through the collision. The vehicle was traveling 75 mph when it struck a tree. The sheriff repeated there was no prove that Woods was impeded and said it was not suitable to grant Woods a field restraint test given the genuine nature of his wounds at the scene. He said Woods and his group have been agreeable all through the examination.

“As agents met him at the scene, and at the clinic, those questions were inquired and there was nothing to show inebriation,” said Captain James Powers.

Villanueva said his office did not issue a quotation since the speeding wasn’t watched by a police officer or witnesses and did not include another care — which is division arrangement. The sheriff moreover denied giving Woods uncommon treatment amid the investigation. In an articulation Wednesday, Woods expressed gratitude toward the delegates and firefighters who reacted to the February crash. “I will do to center on my recuperation and family and thank everybody for the overpowering bolster and support I’ve gotten all through this exceptionally troublesome time,” he said.

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